Monday, August 31, 2020

GeoGuessr in the Time of Covid-19

What is a street photographer to do when it's been five months since Covid-19 shut things down?
by Laurie Allee

Burbank in The Before Times

Before the pandemic, being a street photographer in the U.S. came with a few negligible risks: sunburn, dirty looks, and the ever-present threat of drivers texting instead of looking at pedestrian crosswalks.  In Los Angeles, occasionally  someone would think you were part of a film shoot second unit and ask what movie you were working on.  (You'd get great shots if you said something like, "I'm not really allowed to talk about it...") But as long as you didn't trespass, get caught in a street fight, try to take pictures of a crime or wander into too many dark alleys, you were usually pretty safe to meander around in public with your camera. 

Covid-19 kind of changed things...