There are 8 million LA stories ... this is mine.

Writer.  Photographer.  Blogger.  Mom.
Just looking around...

Fewer selfies.  More street.

I think everyone should point their cameras less at themselves and more at the world around them.  

I shoot with a Nikon, Lumix and various iPhones.  I occasionally play around with a 1970s Yashica TLR as well as one of the last consumer Canon 35mm film cameras and a vintage Polaroid Land Camera.  (I don't like the new Polaroid film, but at least they're making it again!) I shoot video with a Panasonic HD camera and RODE mic -- or my iPhone. 

Visit my shop for art prints and other photo stuff that you can actually hold in your hands.  Email me for special requests, commissions and licensing.  You can see more of my work here.

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los angeles street photos (and a few words) by Laurie Allee

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