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Just looking around...

Fewer selfies.  More street.

I think everyone should point their cameras less at themselves and more at the world around them.  Join me!

I'm a writer and a photographer and I'll admit: I like old-school blogging.

I've been blogging since 2007.  You can see a list of where I regularly blog/blogged here, or just click on the tab at the top of the page.  

This is my blog to share my photography. It used to be mainly street and nature photography, but the pandemic has kept me mostly inside, so I have turned my lens to interiors and the objects of everyday life. While I'm a long-winded writer, this is not a place where I use many words. 

Personal blogs have gathered some dust since the rise of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and are probably wheezing their last dying gasps thanks to Medium and Substack.  That doesn't seem to stop me ... although I'm beginning to feel like one of the last buggy-makers in the early days of automobiles.

 I miss the fledgling, ragtag days of the blogosphere before social media corralled everyone into corporate places.  Social media's hive structure reminds me of cubicles in an office building.   Blogs, however, are more like private boutiques, used bookstores, cluttered studies and garage workshops.  Blogs are the kooky thrift shops down the alley from Facebook's big box store.  When you leave a social media site and visit a blog, you're supporting a creator outside the internet's version of Walmart.  Visiting a personal blog is kinda like shopping locally!   

Thank you for visiting mine!

(Yes, I know I could be on Instagram.  I used to be.  I like it better right here.)

I shoot with a Nikon, Lumix and various iPhones.  I occasionally play around with a 1970s Yashica TLR as well as one of the last consumer Canon 35mm film cameras and a vintage Polaroid Land Camera.  (I don't like the new Polaroid film, but at least they're making it again!) I shoot video with a Panasonic HD camera and RODE mic -- or my iPhone. 

Visit my shop for art prints and other photo stuff that you can actually hold in your hands.  Email me for special requests, commissions and licensing.  You can see more of my work here.

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I pick a favorite photography film to watch every month and post it here to watch for free.  Join me and my little group of photog film lovers.  (Email me if you want a reminder when I embed a new film.)

I also post monthly photography book recommendations with free sample chapters.  Check the side column to your right.  If you love looking at photography books, be sure to check my library here.

If you must find me on social media, I had cut way back on how much I was there (see lifeanalog.com) but the pandemic brought me back to Twitter as a kind of Covid librarian.  I'm also an unabashed bookworm on GoodReads, a photog YouTuber,  a passionate film nerd at Letterboxd and a digital scrapbooker on Pinterest.  I used to post on IG but gave it up.  I don't do Facebook.

Here's a sampling of my photos: 

los angeles street photos (and a few words) by Laurie Allee

Thanks for stopping by!

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