Non Tinfoil Hat Guide

The information in this book will freak you out, but it's important to look at the long-term effects of a technology that proliferated with literally no oversight or health studies. It was allowed into the marketplace and built as vital communication infrastructure using cellphone regulatory standards from 1994. Hint: our phones are still approved using this criteria: that they don't heat your brain 2 degrees in a total of 6 minutes of use per day held 5mm away from your head or body. These "studies" are done in a lab with no other wireless, on a mannequin head (named Sam) filled with water. I'm not making this up. The study was designed to test the thermal capacity of cell phones in an era where there was no such thing smart phones, touch screen or WiFi. 

Similarly, our laptops were brought to market and still sold with explicit instructions buried in the manuals to never place more than 12 inches from your body. TWELVE INCHES. The lap in laptop is an express misuse of the device as manufactured.

We are exposed to literally a quintillion times more radiation than we were 20 years ago, and before you smugly declare "but it's nonionizing" consider that there are thousands of medical studies showing the many and measurable negative health effects of nonionizing radiation. If it's so safe, why are OBs now advising pregnant women wear EMF shielding blankets for all use of computers, cell phones and tablets?

This is worse than Idiocracy.

Our wireless world has been promoted by a powerful industry protected by The Telecommunications Act from any consumer legal recourse for the negative health effects of its technology. WiFi is now ubiquitous. 

It's not just iPhones and tablets and wearable tech, but a our utilities installing "smart" WiFi meters to every single home and business. The meters are not UL rated for home safety, send strong WiFi pulses over 10,000 times per day, often turn house wiring into antennas of dirty electricity and sometimes even cause fires.  

It's classrooms with 30-40 wireless devices transmitting in a small space for 8 hours of every school day, turning the cumulative radiation levels up to the equivalent of a microwave oven on low. 

All of the wireless devices have been approved based on only one thing: the Specific Absorbsion Rate or SAR of each individual device. (That's what the 1994 mannequin head Sam study decides.) This is the equivalent of the FDA declaring a food safe if a small portion tested free of e-coli -- without looking for salmonella or staphylococcus or contamination or cumulative effects of larger portions of that food. Saying this is safe because the radiation it's nonionizing is like saying a black widow spider isn't poisonous because it's not a rattlesnake.

Everyone needs to know just how we got here, and what the coming 5G network means for making it all much worse. This book is a very readable, often funny round-up of all the latest studies that will leave you feeling terrified but also empowered. I knew about the cellphone brain cancer connection. I didn't know about everything else. And while I kinda feel like I did when I discovered there was no Santa Claus -- I mean my god, I LOVE my iPhone! -- I am glad to grow up and learn the truth. 

I think in 50 years people will look at today's ubiquitous wifi radiation and EMF experiment the way we now look at pollution from the industrial revolution, lead in gasoline, DDT, asbestos and tobacco. A month ago I would have rolled my eyes at the idea of nonionizing radiation being harmful. This book will show you why we've all been woefully misinformed and how it's up to us to demand safer technology.

Read it, then read the many linked sources in the author's footnotes.

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