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Man on Bridge, directed by Ciaran Deeny

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December selection: 
Man on Bridge: 50 Years as a Photographer of O'Connell Bridge

What started out as a project to collect the photos of legendary Irish street photographer Arthur Fields, grew into something much bigger.  When the team behind the project gathered over 4000 images within the first six weeks, they partnered with RTE to produce this documentary.  (A wonderful companion book is also available.  See some sample pages here.)  The Irish Times described Man on Bridge as "a beautifully constructed, subtly emotional documentary."  It was nominated for an IFTA award for Best Documentary Single in 2015.

I only discovered Fields recently, and I am amazed by the sheer scope of his work.  For any photographer who feels constrained by the limited travel of our pandemic year, I present 50 years of images taken in a single, ordinary place.   

Check out the Man on Bridge website for a celebratory dive into the work of Fields and other prominent Dublin street photographers of his day.  

Watch Man on Bridge above.
Running time: 50 min.

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