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 A documentary by Martin Scorsese (1999)

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My Voyage to Italy 
a documentary directed and narrated by Martin Scorsese

Running time: 4 hours 

I have spent a lot of time hunkered down during the pandemic.  As a street photographer, this has been challenging, but as a film nerd it has been divine.  In 2020 I decided to dive into classic Italian cinema.  I had always loved Fellini, and the neorealist filmmakers were almost as influential to me in film school as the guys in the French New Wave. In fact, The Bicycle Thieves was one of the movies I saw in college that changed my life.  But there were so many other Italian films I never got around to seeing.  A pandemic seemed like a great excuse to escape reality and view them all.   

I discovered A Voyage to Italy when I was trying to figure out where to start.  It is the ideal way to explore classic Italian cinema.  Want a personal film class with Martin Scorcese?  This is it!

Films greatly influence and inform my photography.  Italian filmmakers offer a world of inspiration -- from the handheld grit of neorealism (a street photographer's dream) to Fellini's dreamscapes and the awe-inspiring, panoramic beauty of Visconte and Bertolucci.  

My favorite book on Italian Cinema
Take a look at the trailer below, and watch the full three-part series above.  

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