Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Moonlight bends...

Here, the blurry, blinding moon, captured by my camera just now -- a long exposure on the ledge of my bathroom window. That velvet sky! Those lacy trees!

Everything reminds me of a poem. Here's the one this image brings:

Moonlight bends over the black silence,
Making it bloom to wild-flowers of sound
That only green things can hear.
A wind sprawls over an orchard,
Frightening its silent litany to sound.
A thread of star-light has fallen to this tree
And curls among its leaves, tangling them to silence. . . .
Standing amidst these things,
Beloved,We feel the words our hearts cannot form.

--Maxwell Bodenheim


Cafe Observer said...

Wunderful, beautiful, delightful, skyful, etc., et al, and more!

Anonymous said...

Oh, so you tucked this gem here!

Double "D" said...

I guess I have to check this blog as well.
Not only is it beautiful, but haunting
and mystical. Another beauty.