Friday, August 28, 2009


I really don't have words to describe what it felt like standing on this lovely street in Pasadena, directly above Brookside Golf Course and The Rose Bowl. The Station Fire in the hills above La Canada/Flintridge gave an otherwise serene view a nightmarish animation.

Here, standing on Via Del Rey in South Pasadena, I found it difficult not to cry ... and it wasn't just from all that smoke.

Let's all hope for cooler days and calm winds. And to each and every firefighter: thank you.
For more images and links to fire updates, check out Petrea's coverage over at Pasadena Daily Photo, Ben's information at the sky is big in pasadena and Altadenahiker's reports from Altadena.


ben wideman said...

incredible stuff here Laurie.

Libba Bray said...

Yikes. Too close for comfort, indeed. But your pictures are beautiful and otherworldly.

Anonymous said...

good lord, those are the most amazing photos of fire I've ever seen.

Virginia said...

It's hard to say something that devastating and distructive is beautiful , but your images certainly are. It's just sickening to think of all the damage done already, however. Hope all of you are safe. Will be checking the blogs to keep up with you.

Dixie Jane said...

Yore Mama lives in the land of tornados and drought or torrential rains. But mostly we escape fires. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your friends durihg this awful time. It is so scary to see your beautiful mountains in flame. May it soon be only a bad memory.