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Blogging and street photography aren't my only old-school loves.  I really, really, really love books -- and I always have several I'm raving about to anyone who will listen.  Check out my website Books With Laurie.  It is devoted to my mad, bookish zeal:

What I'm currently reading...

These are the latest books I'm reading or have recently read and loved.  (If I list an audio version, it's because I listened to it and thought it was a great narration/performance of a great book.)


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Join me in reading ebooks from your public library! 

Here's a sample from a library book I recently enjoyed:

Yes, I love my Kindle:

This is the Kindle I read with.  Our Amazon overlords are surely leading us to a dystopian monopoly hellscape, but they really do make a great e-reader.  I use mine to check out library ebooks.  You really don't need the fancy models, and for god's sake stop reading on a phone or tablet.  Once you remember the joy of just reading books without distraction (or Like buttons or retina-burning LED screens) you'll thank me.  This basic kindle works great, has a glare-free, almost-like-a-real-book "e-paper" screen and lets you carry around hundred of books and audiobooks.

And because I'm a sucker for a leather-bound book, I love this kindle cover:

Kindle Update as of March, 2019:

I don't know how much longer my beloved Kindle above will be available.  Amazon is launching their latest simple model and it comes with a front light that, like the other Kindle models, can not be turned off.  NOOOOO!!!!!  It might not be the backlit screen of a phone or tablet, but LED light of any kind is damaging to your retinas as well as sleep cycles/melatonin production.  (This is why so many little book lights are now being manufactured with yellow or amber LED bulbs.  The Kindle LEDs are blue/white.)

I really, really hope Amazon doesn't completely phase-out a light-free e-paper Kindle, but that's what it looks like they're doing.  You can get my light-free model (for now) with a cover and sold as a Kid's Bundle:

I might actually buy a spare because no other e-reader can read Kindle ebook files.  (Damn you, Lord Bezos.)

September 10, 2019 Update:  

Looks like Amazon is selling whatever they have left of my favorite Kindle!  Buy it here.

  I keep track of my books here:

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