Sunday, August 30, 2009

Burning Out of Control

Read more about the Station Fire at my daily blog here.

The first two shots were taken around 9:00PM from Via Del Rey in South Pasadena.

The above image was taken at sunset, from under the main South Pasadena water tower. You can see the flames on the far side of the left and far side of the right. The fire tripled in size in the course of one day.

More from the water tower.

The above shot was taken from Arroyo Drive in South Pasadena, just after sunset.
Arroyo Drive again, a little before sunset and a little further south than the previous image.
More from Arroyo Drive.

The above two pictures show the same blaze I shot last night from above the Rose Bowl. These images are from Arroyo Drive in Pasadena, looking under the 134 freeway bridge.
Self explanatory.
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Judy Williams said...

How can something so horrific still have a beauty about it? Just terrifying!

Mister Earl said...

Great shots, Laurie. Much better than my simple Kodak with half-charged batteries!

ben wideman said...

These are incredible, Laurie. Thanks for posting all of them.